Tangible and Intangible

Heritage is defined as the legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations.

What constitutes heritage? Investigating the past to identify the domains of heritage value is the first step to projecting a future. This theme presents an opportunity to reflect on past knowledge to Question,why: something’s exist….how: did they evolve to its present state….what: prompted /prompts the changes….who: were/are the stakeholders….when and where: did/do they exist.

Workshop tracks

Track1: Personal heritage
My heritage makes me, defines me and lives beyond me. This track looks at personal histories, family lineages, personal and family values and knowledge systems, family traditions, family craft and business, homes, culinary traditions, rituals, personal styles, heirlooms, inheritances of values.

Track 2: National Heritage
Our heritage is a cumulative of individual heritages, which are connected together in synergy, or at odds with each other. Our heritage is the value systems, frameworks of knowledge of a society, tribe, and culture of a collective. This includes collective heritage formation, its lineage, its traditional knowledge, crafts and businesses, architectural heritage, rituals, religious/spiritual practices, languages, arts, design and aesthetics, literature, textiles, tools and techniques, sociocultural practices, communication systems, narratives, material history across a defined geographical spread.

Track 3: The way forward
Articulating Ways of preserving and promoting the heritage along with analyzing the new inheritance created due to development and shift in value systems, can throw light on the way forward. The track seeks to deliberate methods to represent/ document/ forecast/ preserve heritage and question the relevance of preserving heritage through mediums like photography, conservation, mapping, trend forecasting, heritage management, family tree, future of crafts/ cultural practices, sustainability, Eco sensitivity.

Expected Outcomes
The workshops could culminate into finished presentations /conceptualizations /narratives /products /expressions/ performances/any other.