Faq’s For The Workshop Conductors For Open Elective 2021

Q1. How many instructors can offer a single workshop?

maximum of two instructors can co-conduct a single workshop. The combination could either be both external (from outside NID), or both internal (NID faculty members), or one external, and one internal faculty member.

Co-instructor can be an academic collaborator, artisan, technical expert, or an industry associate.

If needed, the instructors can invite additional guest faculty/craft person/expert/artisan for any workshop support for up to 2 sessions.

Ideally the relevant professional experience for both instructor and co-instructor should be more than 5 years.

Q2. Can both the instructors conduct the workshop from different locations?

Yes. This year, the medium being online, the instructors can co-conduct the workshop from anywhere. They need to ensure access to an optimal speed internet connection, computer, camera & microphone etc.

Q3. What are the key dates for Open Elective 2021?

25th February 2021 - Last date of sending workshop proposals

18th March 2021- Announcement of selected workshops

5th April 2021 - Commencement of online workshops

16th April 2021 - Last day of workshop.

16th April 2021 - Digital display and exhibition of the work done in all workshops.

Any other important dates will be added here after the proposals are received.

Q4. Which online platform would be used to conduct the online workshops?

Workshops would run on Zoom, Google meet.

NID will share temporary google ids for using Zoom/Meet platforms with the workshop instructors.

Apart from these, the instructors can use other popular online co-working platforms like Miro, Slack, Mural, etc. for individual/group work within the workshop. The familiarity and accessibility of these by students should be checked beforehand by the instructors. Also, the open elective team should be intimated about their usage in advance.

Q5. Can I submit more than 1 proposal?


Q6. What is the accommodation, and travel policy for workshop instructors?

This being an online workshop, will not require any accommodation and travel. The instructors would be using their own personal spaces to conduct these workshops.

Q7. What is the remuneration policy for the workshop instructors?

All instructors and invited guests holding an Indian PAN card would be provided a honorarium as per NID’s remuneration policy.

Q8. What are the criteria and process of selection of the proposal?

The submitted proposals will be reviewed by an internal panel from NID based on the following criteria.

  • Relevance of the proposed workshop to the Open Elective concept
  • Methodology and approaches of exploration.
  • Scope of workshop delivery and execution in the online mode.
  • Innovative and exciting methods supporting online teaching and learning.
  • Potential for creative exploration with reference to design education.
  • Novelty of the process and its conclusion.
  • Nature and amount of resources required during the workshop.

Based on this review, the shortlisted workshops will be announced to the students to choose from and register. All workshops which attract more than minimum participation mark will finally be selected for Open Elective 2021 and others retracted. All applicants will be informed at this stage, around mid-March 2021.

Q9. What is the minimum and maximum participation mark for a workshop?

The minimum participation mark is 10 and the maximum mark is 20.

Q10. What resources will be made available during the workshop?

During the Open Elective, 25 to 35 parallel workshops will be conducted. We encourage instructors to engage the students in exploratory, hands-on, making and thinking based workshops. The following support would be available in terms of resources:

Material: Any material requirement for the workshop should be mentioned in the submitted proposals. In case any material/materials are to be sent to the participants, the shortlisted workshop instructors will be expected to send a detailed list and quantity of material requirements with budget estimates in advance. After approval and student registrations, the open elective team will manage organising this material and posting it to the students.
We also encourage the instructors to consider the materials which would be available to the participants in and around their homes.

IT: Shortlisted workshop instructors will be expected to send a list of their IT related queries and requirements, if any.

Human Resources: NID will allocate an internal faculty as an adviser to workshop instructors for any day to day advice required. Technical assistance will also be available to the workshop participants.

Q11. What will be my time commitment during the workshop?

The workshop instructors are expected to remain present in the virtual classrooms with the students for the full duration of the workshop (10 days).
The instructors are advised to maintain a good balance between on screen/contact and off screen/non-contact hours.

Q12. How will the workshop conclude?

The workshop will conclude with a presentation and digital display of the work done during the workshop. The digital display should be ready by the last day of the workshop i.e.April 16, 2021.

Q13. What Do I have to submit at the end of the workshop?

Evaluation Report: The open elective workshop is a credited course. Instructors are expected to evaluate the performance of the students as per NID norms. Online/digital evaluation report sheets will be provided for this purpose by NID.

Workshop Report: The workshop instructor will be required to submit a brief workshop report in a format provided by NID.

Q14. Who holds the IPR of the outcome of the workshop?

The IPR for all the ideas and works generated during the Open Elective 2021 will belong to NID and all workshop participants.

For queries, please write to openelective@nid.edu