Our ongoing epoch is marked by an unprecedented shuffling and reshuffling of civilizational values, means, & modalities, and the pace of this change is accelerating with each passing century, decade, year, and days. Whether it is the scarring of our planet due to our indiscriminate use of natural resources, over-consumption, and generation of waste, or the civil unrest stretching from Hong Kong to Myanmar, or from Kashmir to Syria. Whether it is the collective failure of multiple national economies, and failed ecopolitical negotiations such as Brexit, or hordes of migrants risking everything to move from South America to the North, or from Africa to Europe. Whether it is the rise in inequality and disparity between communities, or the rise of fundamentalist doctrines across the globe. As the notions of society and 'social' are becoming virtual and abstract, and as the intelligent technologies are filling the gaps of our lived experiences. As groups of people are staking claims to their given and chosen identities, and as the social fabric of age old hierarchies of class, gender, territory, and power are being questioned and reconfigured. As we are stretching our reaches into the final frontier, and remain excessively possessive of our race, religion, caste, or nation. It is perhaps time to take a pause, reflect, identify one's role and purpose in the context of these unparalleled shifts, and gear up for the fast changing conditions. Perhaps the most important task at hand now is to build resilience and retain the optimism, while exercising genuine empathy, and generating meaningful experiences. It's time to imagine and re-imagine our lives, our surroundings, our habits, our ideologies, and our future. The Open Elective 2020 is being envisaged as a reference and reminder to the current conditions of our existence, and a blank canvas to explore, articulate, and imagine our past, present, and future.

Open Elective 2020

The Open Elective is a two-week long multidisciplinary workshops offered across all three NID campuses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru. The participants are second year students of the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) programme, the first-year students of the Master of Design (M.Des.) programme and international exchange students present on campus at that time. The next set of Open Elective workshops are scheduled from January 06 - 17, 2020.