Track framework

Areas / Domain Context Intention Tools/ Modes of representation Learning objective
Water in time and space Histories, water futures, conservation, traditional methods, geographical contexts, Water futures Interpret Draw/ Sketch
Visualize/ Map


Film/ Moving



Discuss/ Discourse

Hybrid modalities

Inter media /
transmedia approaches
Becoming sensitive to…

Realizing the relevance of…

Learning from interpersonal experiences and community engagement

Participatory frameworks

Understand, Meaning - making, Symbolism, Taking inspiration and adapting

Speculate forecast prevent and save for the future
Water Crisis and Catastrophe Ecological aspects, drinking water, Water pollution, water scarcity, resources, climate catastrophe, Rain, flash floods, Experiment/ Explore
Water cultures and communities Hyper local contexts of water, community organization, cultural motifs, arts and crafts, literature, mythology of water Question/ provoke
Water ecosystems Interspecies, Water balance, ecosystems, Water and health Speculate/ Imagine
Water politics and borders Caste and water, consumerism, river borders, vanishing lakes, irrigation canals, sea walls and maritime borders Re look, re imagine
Water as sensory experience Individual and collective experience, water as entertainment, water as element, tangible aspects, theme parks
Water as memory Cultural and personal memory associated to water, memory of water, water paths, experiences of rain, water bodies etc